Don’t ignore your cat’s dental health

Dental diseases are not just something you and I have to deal with. Your feline friends also suffer from the same, dreaded tartar buildup, gingivitis, cavities, bad breath, and a host of other dental and oral problems.

But what is worse when it comes to cats is that a dental infection can cause many other potentially life-threatening diseases. While you spend your time tending to their coats and buying them cute toys, also take out some minutes from your day to tend to their oral hygiene needs. It can protect your cat from most dental diseases.

Dental diseases can lead to fatal health issues – From kidney diseases, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and heart failure, a stinky breath might just end up being more than the fish lunch your cat ate. When the bacteria from their mouth and teeth enter the bloodstream, it increases the likelihood of affecting vital organs. According to studies, as many as 85% of all cats over the age of 6 are affected by one or more periodontal diseases. Plus, domestic cats on commercial cat food are more susceptible than wild cats, mainly because they are fed artificial food instead of their natural diet that can sometimes speed up tartar buildup.

It can cause severe pain – As a cat parent, it is your duty to ensure your cat leads a happy, healthy and pain-free life. Tooth decay and other oral infections can cause severe pain to your cat, which may also affect its usual demeanor and overall health. Cats with severe dental issues also face difficulty chewing food which can make them severely malnourished.

So, what should you do to avoid these?

Brush their teeth – This is the gold standard in dental care. Brush your cat’s teeth daily. Introduce the process when they are still young. It is easier to accustom them to a new routine. One thing to keep in mind is that do not use the toothpaste that you use, as it contains too much flouride that can end up making your kitty sick. There are special cat-approved toothpastes that you should go for.

Feed them well – This is the basis of good oral and overall health. The right kind of cat food, combined with vitamins and minerals will contribute to strong bones and teeth, keeping your cat friends pain-free and happy.

Consult your vet – If possible, schedule regular check-ups with your cat’s vet. Your vet will check their gum health and make recommendations for caring for your cat’s teeth, accordingly. They can also latch on to early signs of gum disease, sparing you and your cat a headache later. Depending on your cat’s dental health, your vet could also recommend a professional dental cleaning for a more in-depth look.

With an understanding of the potential causes of dental diseases, you can now take proper steps to maintain your cat’s health, and keep them purring with joy, all day long.

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