Easy DIY collars to jazz up your pet’s looks

Dogs are probably the best gift to us humans. They are always happy to see us, and above everything else, love us unconditionally. So, it’s important that they be treated with all the love and care that they deserve.

So all you dog lovers, it’s time to get your creative side out and make some DIY dog collars for your furry best friend to jazz up their cute looks.

The vintage bow tie

Whether it’s for a fancy party, or you just like having your dog look dapper in a smart bow, this is the best collar to bring those ‘awws’ to your furry friend. Learn how to make yours here.

Love a bit of sparkle? Nothing better than jewels to fulfill that dream. For your pampered pooch, this collar is a perfect addition to their looks. Adorning their collar with a sprinkling of jewels and instantly add glamour to their daily walks.

Bright ribbons

How about some patterned ribbons that match your pup’s leash? Jazz up their collars by sticking a beautiful, fun ribbon around it and watch it brighten up their barks. Learn to make it here.

The sailor dog

Does your pup love the beach? How about you bring the beach home by adding nautical elements to their collars?  Add a statement nautical piece, like a small anchor, to their collar and make them look trendy.

The name tag

Choose your favourite collar design, create a cute little name tag (a bone, a star, flowers, or anything else your dog fancies), and when you have those elements together, watch the new collar add a dash of personality to your dog. Plus, it will help keep them ID’d, in case they get lost. Double benefits, eh?

The formal office look

Bring-your-pet-to-work day at the workplace? We have got you covered. Create a formal dog collar, in the design of a shirt collar and a tie and make them look handsom and dashing for their day at office. Check out this tutorial on how to make one.

A friendship bracelet is probably the best way to show how much your dog means to you. Create one at home with ribbons and threads, add cute little elements, adjust the size according to their necks, and voila! Make yours here.

Belt it up

Have old leather belts lying around in the closet? Time to make good use of them. Cut it into a smaller size, add as many fun elements you want to (stickers paint, sparkle), and convert it into a spanking new leather collar for your dogs!

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