How to take care of your pet while moving houses

Imagine seeing your home in upheaval, constant stream of people, a pile of boxes everywhere, and a bunch of stressful humans you can’t comfort!  Sounds even more stressful, right?

Moving houses is a stressful process for us. So, imagine how anxious it must make your little pet friends. This makes it crucial to take care of them while you are moving. While there is no formulaic solution, there are a couple of basic tips that should keep your pets calm.

  • Contact your vet and be prepared for a new one – Before you leave your old home, make sure to carry a copy of all your pet’s medical needs. Meet your current vet for any other prescription medications for your pet. See if they can recommend a new vet for you, have their phone number handy and make an appointment with them as soon as possible.
  • Keep things normal – Don’t try and pull an all-nighter when it comes to packing. Not only will it stress you out, but also your pet. Try and pack over a longer period of time so that your pet thinks everything is normal. Pro tip for cats – bring out their carriers out a few a weeks before the move. Also, don’t pack the food away, and keep your pet’s food, water, bowls, medication and any other important supplies, including their favourite toys, with you.
  • Keep pets away from the action – Don’t put them in the middle of all the packing; better to keep them in the quietest area possible to avoid stressing them out. Check in on them regularly, and try to feed or walk them at the usual time to maintain a routine. If you’re too busy, leave them with a trusted friend or at a kennel for the day. All this will further reassure them of things being normal.
  • Travel with your pet – Unless you are moving long distance or international, have your pet around you at all times. For instance, by driving them yourself, you can care for them and give them a sense of familiarity. Also, plan ahead for any special carriers your pets may need for transportation.
  • Don’t let them out immediately – Moving a pet is akin to acclimatization at higher altitudes.

Take them out on a leash to explore their new neighbourhood and show them how to get home. Give them a few days to adjust their surroundings. Make sure to secure their identification collars, just in case they get out and get lost.

Now that you are all set, it’s time to snuggle up with your furry favourites in your new home. Have fun!

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