The most popular dog names for the year

Tommy. Bruno. Leo. You have probably heard these dog names a gazillion times now. These erstwhile popular dog names are now getting a thumbs-down from pet owners.

So, how about we help you with the latest trend in names for your four-legged, furry BFF?


The name means ‘greatest’, which is actually pretty true for your dog friends. It’s short, sweet and kind of adds spunk to your pet.


The most charming and the most beautiful – these are the most popular reactions that your dog Bella will receive. The moniker is perfect for female dogs who walk with a charming gait, their head held high.


The name always lends an affable quality to whoever owns it. This popular German name dates all the way back to Charlemagne, a.k.a. Charles the Great, lending a certain royal quality to your furry friends.


Warm and earthy, coco will remind you of all things nice and cozy and comfortable. Isn’t that how your dogs make you feel as well? A great names for both males and females, and would absolutely suit a brown -coloured pupper.


At first, it’ll give off a tough-guy vibe, but could also stand for loyalty and determination. A dog that will fight back for you deserves this name. If your pup is a boxer, it’ll go very well with their personality, too.


Fresh as a flower, and equally bright and beautiful. Your dog Daisy will symbolize all things nice in the world. Their innocent eyes and the moniker combined will make them the darling of every outing.


Doesn’t this name remind of you of a friendly and playful doggie? If your dog is one of the more active and bouncy of the lot, Maggie would be a perfect name to match their happy personalities.


Did you know some dogs are actually more smart than others? So this name Sophie, which means ‘wisdom’, can actually be suitable for your quiet, brooding, but super smart pupper friend.

Which of these names will you choose for your new BFF?

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