The top supplements that your pet probably needs

Have you been curious about supplements for your pets? Well then this is the blog for you!

For the average cat or dog that is in great health and is being regularly fed a balanced and wholesome meal, there is really no need for supplements. However, if your animal has not been receiving a well-balanced diet, or faces particular health issues, it would be a good idea to look into supplementing their diet.

Here are some of the essential supplements that are good for your pets and they may need for a more healthy life –

Fish Oils

Fish oils are known to have omega 3 fatty acids that have a host of health benefits for both humans and animals, including reducing the risks of strokes, heart attacks, and high cholesterol. However, finding the right supplement for your pet could be a difficult task. Look for the right concentration levels of omega 3 fatty acids that vary with each product. There are fish oils that are specially made for your pets, so invest in those instead of giving them the ones that you take.


A multivitamin usually contains the recommended daily dosages of nutrients that you need in one pill. If you aren’t sure what your pet needs, consult your vet to check for any deficiencies they might have. Vitamins can immensely improve the quality of your pet’s life by helping regulate body processes, protect the body from environmental toxins, and break down nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats so the body can utilize them.

Joint supplements

Even the youngest of pets can have problems or injuries that involve their joints and bones. More so because they are infinitely more active than humans on a regular basis. It is quite possible for them to hurt themselves or fracture their bones while playing or running around, especially if they are small and haven’t developed, or are growing old. Add a supplement that contains glucosamine or chondroitin for joint health. Also look for a calcium ingredient that increases bone density.


A healthy pet needs a healthy gut to live a long happy life. Probiotics contain good bacteria that are beneficial to intestinal health. The good bacteria replace the bad kinds that cause constipation, diarrhea, and poor immunity. Although scientific research is still trying to confirm this, many people advocate the use of probiotics supplements for pet health for reducing incidents of diarrhea, bad breath, and gas, as well as prevent digestive infections.

Important point to note – Too much of anything, even something that is healthy, can be bad for your pets. Some products have a toxic effect on your pet, despite their ‘natural’ labels. Be very careful about choosing supplements for your pet. Additionally, always consult your vet before adding anything to your pet’s diet, no matter how benign the supplement might be.

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