Your checklist for hiring a pet sitter

Going on that long-awaited holiday cab become a little complicated if you have a pet to take care of and can’t take along. You are then left with mostly three choices – board them, leave them with a relative, or hire a pet sitter.

Your pets deserve only the best of care and that’s why it is essential to stick to high quality standards when you are thinking of hiring a pet sitter for them. Because obviously, you should expect the pet sitter to love and care for your pet the same way that you do.

While considering prospective pet sitters, it is essential to create a list of questions prior to the initial interview or meet the person in question. Don’t worry about asking too many questions; it is actually a prerequisite for handing over your pets to someone else. Here is our list of questions that you must ask your professional pet sitter before you hire them-

How long have they been a professional petsitter?

It is critical to get as much information about the individual’s experience as a pet sitter and with pets in general to get a basic idea of how good they might be.

Can they provide you references?

A reference is a person who has hired the pet sitter before and is probably your best bet in terms of gauging the genuineness of the pet sitter. Ask for a list of references from previous pet sitting clients, that includes a phone number or an email address. When you contact those references, make sure to as them questions like were they happy with the pet sitter, what they liked or didn’t, if they would hire the same pet sitter again, and if they are still a client, and if not, then why.

Do they have a backup pet sitter?

Illness, injury, emergencies can come without a warning. The differentiating factor between a professional and an amateur pet sitter is whether the professional has a backup plan. Make sure your pet sitter has a backup, also a professional, who will make the scheduled visits to care for your pets when they can’t. Find out every detail in that case, and also keep the backup’s contact handy.

Where will the pet sitter keep your key?

Do find out where the pet sitter intends to keep your key. It has to be in a secure location to which no one else has access and needs to be colour codedto ensure identification.

There are a host of other questions that you should probably ask as well, including –

– What type of visits do you offer?

– How long is each visit? Do you offer overnight visits and what is the cost?

– Can you book last minute appointments?

– Does the pet sitter have a procedure if your pet becomes ill or injured?

– Will the pet sitter provide regular updates?

– How will you contact the pet sitter?

So, get this important checklist in place and you and your pet will be good to go.

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