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Meo (Chi &Veg) 450gm



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Adult cats while growing up require high-quality nutrition for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. MeO Chicken and Vegetables Cat Food 400 Gms contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals along with high-quality protein for giving overall nourishment and health to adult cats of all breeds. Sufficient protein content has been added to the diet for increasing muscle mass and strength. Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 boost skin and coat health. A healthy blend of minerals like Calcium and Vitamin D maintains an optimal body weight and assures healthy alkaline pH level. Sodium content in the meal has been lowered for sustaining a healthy heart and for reducing the chances of high blood pressure. MeO Chicken and Vegetables Cat Food contains anti-oxidant formula provided by Vitamin C for building strong immune system

  • Luscious chicken flavour for enhancing the palatability of the food.
  • High-quality fish protein encourages skin and hair growth and repairs body tissues.
  • Vital minerals like Calcium and Phosphorus along with Vitamin D regulates the balance of hormones and strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Essential fatty acids for reducing skin outbreaks and to keep a healthy skin and coat.
  • A super anti-oxidant formula for building a strong defence mechanism in felines.
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