Nylon Muzzle Set


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Nylon Muzzle Set


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Made from a strong, soft, flexible, breathable nylon material.Safety buckle ensures that muzzle remains secure. Length of safety buckle can be adjusted.Available in 2 colours – red and black.

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Kennel Nylon Muzzle is a soft muzzle designed with comfort in mind. This quick fit muzzle features a strong, yet soft, flexible breathable nylon that fits your dog comfortably. Additionally, the well-built design makes it difficult for dogs to dislodge. A safety buckle ensures that the muzzle stays in place and remains secure. The length of this safety buckle can be adjusted ensuring a perfect fit for your dog. The muzzle inhibits dogs from barking, biting and chewing. The following are the steps that should be followed in order to select a muzzle that fits appropriately for your dog. 1. Measure around the widest part of your dog’s nose using a tape measure. 2. Place your finger between the measuring tape and dog’s nose to ensure enough space for breathing and drinking. 3. Record the length of the measuring tape and select appropriate muzzle size. Kennel Nylon Muzzle is available in 2 colours Red and Black.

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Nylon Muzzle Set


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