Return and Cancellation Policy
This Return and Cancellation Policy governs the way we handle return and cancellation of orders. This policy is applicable to the buyers on our website (

Return Policy
If a buyer is not satisfied with the delivered products which are bought on our website, he/she can place the request to return the products delivered in the following cases :

  1. The delivered products are defective in nature or The delivered products have perished/expired.
  2. The delivered products have tampered packaging.
  3. The delivered products are different from the ordered products to the extent not permitted by industry standard and such different products are sent without the consent of the customer.
  4. In case expiry date of products are not available. customers can request for a return or exchange.

The buyer is supposed to thoroughly check the quality and specifications when the material is delivered. Return requests will only be entertained by us after the material is accepted, if the product delivered is unopened/unused and not tampered with (unless mentioned by the consumer with the required details)

The customer can also ask for replacement instead of returning the products. In case, such replacement is not available with Unikorn, money shall be refunded to the customer, in a case where we have collected the payment for that order earlier. The buyer is obliged to accept such refunds made. Such refunds will be transferred to the buyer’s account within 5 – 21 working days after return formalities are completed by the buyer.

In case the buyer intends to return the product without any of the above mentioned valid reasons, the buyer will bear the charges required to transport the material from seller’s place to buyer’s place and vice versa.

In case the material is returned with any of the reasons mentioned above, the seller will bear the charges to transport the material from seller’s place to buyer’s place and vice versa.

Cancellations Policy
Full or partial Cancellations of the order shall be processed only if

  1. The order is yet to be put in transit by the seller
  2. The order is not imported by the seller based on buyers placed order
  3. The materials in the order are not custom made for the buyer

If above condition is satisfied, the order can be partially or fully cancelled by contacting our customer care. Buyer can either place a call to our customer care number at 88-8081-8081 or drop us an email at and request for the partial or full cancellation of their orders. After the order is partially or fully cancelled, we would refund the respective amount in the buyer’s account within 7 – 21 working days after buyer completes the cancellation formalities.

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